The Denver SEO “Local’s Only” Guide – Shop 5280

When a search engine user enters a search query like ‘Denver SEO‘ one can assume that they are searching for a Denver based search engine optimization professional. Unforently, there are a lot of ‘SEO Directories,’ that will advertise literally anyone and everyone who pays them, regardless if they are local and regardless if they’re any good.

Several industry friends approached me months ago about putting together a directory. I’m passionate about supporting local business and local economies, and they were passionate about leveraging the internet to drive that business – it was a perfect fit. This is how Shop 5280 was born.

Sure, there are a lot of directories out and about. Many are poorly managed and include a lot of irrelevant web spam while others offer no value to the end reader. At Shop 5280, we’re about keeping local, local. For an example; if you’re a plumber in Denver, you won’t be able to take business from local plumbers in Castle Rock, and vice versa.

The idea to support local goes beyond a passion. It’s a way to keep local money in local economies and introduces the multiplier effect. This was the driving force behind the highly successful Castle Rock News portal, Castle Rock, Colorado.

Shop 5280 is an up & coming guide to local businesses in Colorado. It’s fairly new and its search engine visibility is becoming more known. The buzz is out, sign up before prices increase and help support the local marketplace.

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